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ohta-photoSatoshi Ohta (born October 18, 1968)

In his childhood he became interested in music under the influence of his grandmother, and from being the descendant of his grandfather who was a oil painter, went on the road of creators. In his high school student days he was romping in rock music, but on the other hand began to study chords and scales, which becomes a big foundation to him.

He started Studio Light Stuff in his college days and acquired the knowledge and skill as a recording engineer. After that he worked a lot as a mastering engineer as well, and has been searching for better sound. Also, he composes and arranges in every genre through having the knowledge of various instruments, receiving orders from various fields.

In private life Ohta loves modern jazz and latin music dearly, and he, driving successive Citroens, is an odd fellow in Shonan.

narita-photoKoichiro Narita (born September 8, 1967)

He started playing the guitar in his junior high school student days, and performed in various bands. In 1992 he belonged to Surge Studio in Hayama and learned post-production and mastering surrounded in its substantial equipment. Before long he acquired the skill as a recording engineer as well.

Since becoming independent he has devoted himself to the work of Studio Light Stuff. In the middle of working with various genre--rock, ska, jazz, classical, and Japanese style music, somehow he became a popular engineer in the indie punk rock music scene.

Narita, having the face as a guitarist, is a tool enthusiast who everyone knows, as in his declaring "I can tell the tone of the equipment and instrument at a glance." Besides being a engineer for recording, mastering, and sound producing, he participates in lots of sessions as a musician as well.


Photography by Satoshi Ohta / Copyright © 1988-2017 Studio Light Stuff. All rights reserved.

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