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Accurate listening environment in all sound ranges is one of the important factors in mastering. This is indispensable for judging and creating sound, but it is not easy to build this. The 'Space' has to produce the accurate sound from speakers.

space-imageOn building the 'Space', Studio Light Stuff redesigned the shape of the studio, and for making full use of the high resolution sound in all ranges of main monitor speakers Meyer Sound HD-1, we installed two pillars of concrete (250 kg) as speaker stands at the best sounding location in the control room. Then, the sound from the speakers is effectively absorbed and spread by various materials: QRD Diffractal, Digiwave, and Skyline.

By the way, there seem to be a lot of small studios that the computer display is reluctantly placed at the dead center between speakers. This is an evil of the DAW age. The sound phase deformed, it is a cause of blurred sound and unsuitable for mastering work in particular. In Studio Light Stuff, the display installed below speakers at the best angle, it frees the center, and the best monitoring is given by perfect formed phase sound. Furthermore, noise in the control room is suppressed to the utmost limit by installing the majority of equipment in the machine room. Whispered pianissimo also can be heard clean and beautifully.

The high resolution and vivid listening environment of Studio Light Stuff's ideal is the 'Space' built for long years, and still keeps evolving.

Continued on 'Tool'

Photography by Satoshi Ohta / Copyright © 1988-2017 Studio Light Stuff. All rights reserved.

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