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1. Submit your track files from in Rates/Ordering. For keeping quality, upload files individually without compressing into ZIP, RAR, etc. Refer to How to Upload. When necessary, send Audio Format Sheet and the label copy together.

2. Click the plan you order, and go into the order form page. Then, choose a quantity and audio format at each item, enter your name and email address, and submit. After done, the order confirmation mail is sent to your email address.

3-1. Proceed to the payment from the PayPal button in the page shown after ordering. After done, the payment confirmation mail is sent to your email address. If you lost the payment page for any reasons, redo from the order form or mail us.

3-2. When using MoneyGram, send the amount to the name announced in the order confirmation mail (Please bear the remitting fee.), and let us know the sender's full name and reference number. If wishing for another way of money transfers, contact us.

4. After finishing the mastering, we will let you know the download link by email, which is sent from Download the files within 5 days.

5. If asking for the retake, mail us the request within 7 days from the delivery date. However, when it is different from your first request and instructions, the extra charges will be incurred.


When submitting the label copy in DDP master production plans, enter necessary items to Label Copy Sheet, and send it with submission tracks. Your own sheet is also OK, but handwriting is not accepted. Please be careful of mistyping.

Regular/Express plans will deliver within 7 days (168 hours)/3 days (72 hours) after receiving the payment.

For first time customers, free trial audio mastering in a part (e.g. the first chorus) of a track is available before ordering.

Photography by Satoshi Ohta / Copyright © 1988-2017 Studio Light Stuff. All rights reserved.

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