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Mastering is the final step for sending music to listeners. It brings out the most of potential hidden in tracks, and creates the ideal sound for artists and the inspirational music world for listeners. To accomplish this theme, there are essential factors.

 'Space' 'Tool' 'Skill'

Studio Light Stuff has them all. About these three factors, please go to 'Space' first. 'Skill' talks about the engineering from musicians view. Also, refer to mixing advice for audio mastering.

Affordability realized by online business

The way of ordering from our online mastering services is very simple. We built the system so your order will be done smoothly. There are no processes which make you wait for reply from us in the order. Also, discounts are available. Please use express plans when in a hurry.

We also specialize in the audio mastering for online distribution. Besides, since the services are affordable pricing, please use for your demos for auditions.

For all new customers, we offer free trial audio mastering.

Easy file sending system

Simply enter your email address and choose files, and then you can send to Studio Light Stuff. It does not need the troublesome task of entering the recipient's address. See How to Upload.

DDP master production

For CD press master we produce the DDP master, which has become de facto standard. Label Copy Sheet is available free.

Thorough security from order to payment

File uploading and ordering are run by VeriSign SSL coding provided by Hightail and BizCreate. Check out the VeriSign Secured icon shown on order form pages. Payment transaction is also protected by the VeriSign's highest level encryption provided by PayPal. For detailed information, click the PayPal banner. Direct remittance via MoneyGram is also available.

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