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If you wish for a clear and nice range, spread, depth, resolution, and sound pressure, stop too much compression and maximization to 2-mix. It is necessary to keep the margin for getting the best equalizing, compressing, and limiting in audio mastering.

Usually the sound of CDs in the market are mastered suitably. Not having enough confidence and conviction, you should not aim for their volume.


The appropriate 2-mix level for audio mastering work is shaking between -4 and -6 dB, and about -2 dB at the maximum, on digital peak meter. Keeping this margin will make smooth operations, and high quality finish can be expected.

We suggest using a maximizer temporarily when mixing down so you can imagine the mastered sound. Finally, remove it and bounce.



Refer to this guidance and go to mixdown. Adjusting optimal volume and sound pressure is a process in mastering, so leave it to us.

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