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Pre-Mastering - Adjustment of sound volume, quality, and pressure before making master disc

However, these processes are generally called "mastering", this site also calls them "mastering" or "audio mastering."


DDP [disc description protocol] - Standards of the format for making master with recording audio data and individual track metadata

Since delivery to pressing plant is a data file base, there is theoretically no sound quality change, and the production is developed smoothly.


PMCD [pre-master CD] - Standards of the audio CD for CD press master with specific CD writers

The production of those old CD writers has been already ended, and the de facto standard of the CD press shifted to DDP.


ISRC [international standard recording code]

This code is given to each individual track and recorded in discs.


POS system [point of sale system]

The identification code is given to each product and printed/pasted on goods mostly as barcode. This is also called "POS code" or "POS number" and recorded in discs.

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