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Lastly, the most important factor is the 'Skill' of mastering engineers. 'Space' and 'Tool' are elements for the 'Skill' to refine the music handed from artists and producers.

skill-imageStudio Light Stuff catches the request for the tracks from the artists and producers, and reflects it in the operation. Even when everything is left to us, we look closely into the situation of when the track was produced, and find the point which will become better and which should be fixed.

This can be accomplished because we also have a lot of careers as artists, players, composers, producers, and recording engineers. Mastering primarily has to be making a sound which appeals to listeners, but on the other hand it is very important to feel the heart of each one who participated in the track and to bring out their fascination on the track. This is why it is a big advantage for making a better sound that engineers have musician's sensitivity.

In Studio Light Stuff, such views of engineers and musicians are harmonized in high levels.

Photography by Satoshi Ohta / Copyright © 1988-2017 Studio Light Stuff. All rights reserved.

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