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In this field, there are various systems at mastering studios. In other words, the individuality of each engineer is reflected in the studio system.

tool-imageIn recent years, the sound for mastering has been handled mostly in file base, so two computers are used for playing and recording, and it is popular to make an analog processor pass with DA/AD conversion. Of course we adopt this method too, but not always. When judging to be necessary for the sound, we use analog processors without hesitation, but usually work on digital processing. The mixed sound made by the best judgement of artists, producers, and recording engineers should not be much tuned, so we think it is better to use digital plug-ins. By catching on to each plug-in's character well and using them with smart combinations, the phase is no deformed, and better results are very often produced.

It is indispensable to stabilize computers in DAW base systems. In Studio Light Stuff, computers and digital equipment are installed in the machine room managed in stable temperature. Moreover, for further advances of the system which links good parts of analog and digital, we designed ultimate power supply and built the distributor with selected circuit breakers, original perfect balanced transformers, and ideal grounding. The transformers installed in equipment systems: digital, analog, computer and monitor speaker, the power is supplied from Wattgate 381 mounted on each transformer to equipment through high quality power cables: Harmonix X-DC Studio Master-350 and Kimber Kable PK10 Gold. Electric current being like blood flow, good power is exactly the lifeline for studios. Our power supply system built with strictly selected materials contributes to bring out the performance of equipment and to polish tracks up more.

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Photography by Satoshi Ohta / Copyright © 1988-2017 Studio Light Stuff. All rights reserved.

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